Organic & Natural Foundations for Every Skin Type

We all know that every good makeup routine starts off with a foundation base. But sometimes choosing which foundation is right for you can be confusing and intimidating. To help you make the right choice, I’ve laid out my tips and tricks for a perfect foundation finish.

I believe there are two main factors that should impact your foundation decision: the ingredients used and your individual skin type.

We offer three types of foundations to suit every skin type, ranging from light to heavy coverage. Each foundation has its own unique blend of superfood ingredients to ensure healthy, glowing skin.

For Light Coverage & All Skin Types ( Including Sensitive)

Our organic liquid foundation is a water-based lightweight foundation that is perfect for everyday coverage for all skin types.

Water-based foundations are almost weightless and are easy to apply. Unlike their oil-based counterparts, they provide a dewy and natural look and won’t leave you feeling greasy or overdone.

Grapefruit extracts in the foundation provide antioxidants to even out your skin tone, while rose extracts sooth and moisturise the skin.

The light formula is even suitable for sensitive skin, due to its soothing ingredients and natural fragrance.

For Medium Coverage & Oily/Combination Skin Types

Our mineral pressed powder foundation is the best option for oily and combination skin as it easily absorbs oil and softens fine lines and pores for long-lasting coverage.

Powder foundations are great because they don’t use emollients or oils; they have a dry feel and work to lessen shine during your day. Unlike a fluid foundation, a mineral powder will give you a more matte look.

Only the highest quality, purest minerals are used in our mineral foundation. Vitamin E works to hydrate and brighten the skin and jojoba oil aids in healing irritated skin. Zinc and titanium oxide offer certified SPF15 protection against sun damage, so you’re covered no matter where your day takes you.

Lastly, our mineral foundation doesn’t contain any skin irritants like oils, waxes, preservatives, or fragrances. Its lack of scented and filler ingredients leads to fewer breakouts and clearer skin and makes it a great foundation for sensitive skin.

Our mineral powder foundation feels feather-light on the skin, but offers flawless coverage for a smooth and healthy-looking complexion. It’s also a sustainable product – so you can feel good about wearing it.

For Heavy Coverage & Normal to Dry Skin Types

If you want a foundation that conceals every blemish including redness, pigmentation, fine lines, and acne, then the cream foundation is the way to go. Our cream compact foundation gives you superb coverage, yet is light and effortless to apply.

Like our mineral foundation powder, our organic cream foundation also uses only the highest quality mineral ingredients to ensure a clean and pure final product.

The creamy blend of shea butter, jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, and Grapefruit Seed extract creates a natural, bright, and healthy glow. Zinc and titanium dioxide also offer sun protection to combat ageing factors which helps to make a great foundation for mature skin.

Don’t be afraid that a cream foundation will highlight your imperfections instead of hiding them – our crème foundation dries to a powder finish, while light-diffusing properties of the natural minerals diminish the appearance of fine lines.

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