How To Get Longer, Stronger and Healthier Lashes

The inclusion of natural ingredients in the development of our Active Organic Beauty range is incredibly important to me. I wanted to ensure that every ingredient we use is safe for use on your skin and your sensitive eye area, and also offer a number of rejuvenating benefits. 

Combining nourishing Jojoba Oil and hydrating Castor Oil, our SCOUT Mascara not only glides onto your lashes smoothly without clumping to create the illusion of full and voluminous lashes, but also helps to improve their overall health throughout wear. This blend of natural oils that we use in our mascara is incredibly hydrating, non-irritating and will help to make your eyelashes longer, stronger, less likely to break and encourage the growth of new lashes.

Castor Oil is rich in Vitamin E and abundant in a number of fatty acids, in particular ricinoleic acid. Containing naturally high levels of ricinolecic acid, castor oil helps to nourish, condition and strengthen your lashes, as well as add a beautiful glossy finish to your eyelashes. The inclusion of Castor Oil in our mascara is perfect for those of us who have sparse or thin lashes, and want to encourage faster lash growth. Castor Oil further helps to act as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it safe to use on your eye area with little risk to cause irritation or inflammation. This means glasses and contact lenses wearers can also use our Mascara, without the risk of irritation.

Also included in our Mascara is Jojoba Oil. This natural plant oil is known for its hydrating and regenerative properties, as well as it its ability to protect lashes from breakage and damage. This is due to Jojoba Oil containing many essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins, such as Vitamins A, D and E.

Our natural Mascara is a simple and elegant way to enhance your everyday look and achieve healthier lashes.

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- Sylvie Hutchings, Creative Director & Founder, Scout Cosmetics