How Peptide Technology Can Be Used In Natural Skincare?

SCOUT Organic Active Beauty product formulations are inspired by nature complimented by proven anti-ageing science.

Often referred to as the building blocks for collagen, Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids that help to promote cell regeneration for supple, radiant skin as we age. Whilst we often hear of their inclusion in anti-aging skincare products, there are quite a few misconceptions about how can this technology also be used within natural skincare.

It has been found that when applied topically, Peptides can positively affect the way our skin regenerates and prevents ageing due to powerful antioxidants and the ability to increase cell-turnover. With remarkable results and naturally occurring efficaciousness, peptides were an easy ingredient choice for our Cell Renewal Peptide Serum.

To delve a little into the science behind Peptides in our SCOUT formulation, these chains of amino acids include a combination of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline which then actively work together to produce collagen proteins. When used in skincare these peptides tell the body to produce more collagen, and because the body is producing it, it has even greater longer lasting and effective results.

I specifically chose Peptides as a key ingredient due to their benefits with other natural anti-aging ingredients. Unlike Retinol, a vitamin A derivative that must be introduced to your skincare routine slowly and be applied at night due to avoid skin irritation and increased sun sensitivity, Peptides can be used throughout the day and applied to even the most sensitive skin. Having said this, we cannot discount the benefits of using Retinol when used accordingly. 

Within our Cell Renewal Peptide Serum we use a combination of Perfection Peptide 7 and Matrixyl Sinthe’6. Both highly potent and scientifically shown to increase collagen production helping to combat deep wrinkles, having a combination of both in one product allows us to target several different signs of ageing as well as reinforcing the skin’s own protective functions. 

It was important for me to create a serum that not only delivered on our core principles of natural skincare but also provide tangible results. Hence the peptides included within our serum are derived from natural sources. Formulated utilising 94% certified organic ingredients, we have chosen to combine peptides with a selection of anti-aging and antioxidant rich Australian native superfood ingredients including green tea, ginseng and fig to renew your skin and leave it feeling fresher, more hydrated and revived.

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