10 Tips for Applying Mineral Blusher

Of all the colour cosmetics blush is the one that can make or break a look.

Fortunately, properly selected and applied blush is an indispensable tool to complete a makeup.

Here are 10 tips on choosing applying blusher:

  1. For a sun-kissed patina: dab a little bronzer powder on your forehead, chin & nose;
  2. Make sure to blend makeup into your jaw line and hairline so it looks natural. Also try using a brush instead of those square sponges or your face may look to cakey;
  3. Never combine blush powder with other makeup creams;
  4. I find that a pink shade can bring an older complexion to life;
  5. Use apricot shades on pale skin and dusty roses on darker skin;
  6. If your skin is oily, a powder brush will last longer;
  7. Always dip the brush quickly and flick your wrist to stroke the cheek lightly;
  8. Never apply blusher on the nose for corrective purposes;
  9. Never apply too much blusher otherwise your face will look as a mask; and
  10. At this point you can apply an illuminator at the highest point of your cheek bone to accentuate.

Sylvie xx